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Punk4MentalHealth Charity Festival Sat 6 May
PUNK+ bands: punk, rock, goth, metal: Screaming Dead – Future Daughters – Mothball (Canada) – Tara Rez (Duel) – Italia 90 – BRUNK – Jon Lamb – Peter Cook
DJ Kieren punk goth electro – DJ Chaoss EBM Electro
Speakers & debate: Music Unites! Music helps! Does 2017 need another Rock Against Racism? – Daniel Rachel, music book of the year & Samir Dathie & Peter Cook & Joel Vos & RAR VIPs

Location: The Amersham Arms, New Cross, London, UK

£5 + additional donations welcome
All profits & donations go to mental health research
If you cannot afford a ticket, message us and we will put you on the guestlist: punk = 4 all!

Live streaming via Facebook and YouTube will be available. The link to this will be posted on Punk4MentalHealth on Facebook.

Program (subject to change)
1500 Debate
1715 Peter Cook
1730 Jon Lamb
1815 BRUNK
1900 Italia 90
1945 Mothball
2030 Tara Rez (The Duel)
2130 The Screaming Dead
2245 Future Daughters
2330 DJ Kieren
0040 DJ Chaoss

The number of racist incidents is quickly increasing in western countries. Discrimination and racism have a large impact on the well-being of people. Could music turn the tide? Could music unite people? Could music help individuals? In the past, Rock Against Racism helped to build bridges between communities, and make individuals feel accepted. Punk was a main driver of RAR. Some people say that punk is one of the few music communities where differences are truly accepted and even stimulated. Therefore, this debate will ask the questions: Does 2017 need another movement like Rock Against Racism (RAR)? If so, how could we organise this? Some RAR-like groups and events do already exist, but how could we possibly unite and have a larger impact? Daniel Rachel will speak about the history of RAR, as he described in his book “Walls come tumbling down” which received the “Music Book of the Year Award 2017”. Samir Dathie will describe how racism is on the rise and the impact this has on people, as he described in his co-authored book “Creeping fascism”. Peter Cook will share how rock can be used for leading companies and groups: “Sex, psychology & rock ‘n roll”. Joel Vos, The Punk Professor, will tell about the philosophy of Punk4MentalHealth, and about the psychology of music. A panel of musicians and organisers of RAR and of similar recent initiatives will discuss these questions, in interaction with the audience. Punk4MentalHealth is a non-political charity which aims to raise awareness for mental health issues. Punk and mental health transcend political differences. We do not necessarily agree or promote the opinions of the speakers or musicians, but we want to facilitate a free space for discussion about current issues. We ask all speakers and audience not to promote political parties and ideologies. Also the bands playing at this event may not necessarily agree with the views at this debate. Contact us if you have been involved in RAR and want to speak or participate in the panel discussion!

Punk4Mentalhealth aims to raise awareness for mental health, stimulates mentally healthy ‘punk attitude’, keeps the alternative culture alive, and raises funds for mental health research. Punk4Mentalhealth achieves these aims by organising cultural events, such as music festivals, art exhibitions, film weeks, and other counter-cultural events. Punk4mentalhealth also organises awareness-raising events, such as debates, lectures, and publications about mental health and punk. Punk is not only about a specific music style or looks, but about an attitude: everyone can join and contribute to our events, all music styles and looks! Whoever you are: come and be yourself! The ABCDEF of punk attitudes is: Accept differences not division, Be yourself, Creative counter culture, D.I.Y., Empowerment & F*ck narrow-mindedness!

Safe Space Policy:
Punk4MentalHealth wants to create a safe space, where everyone can feel safe, accepted and be themselves. To foster this safe space, we ask our audience to INCREASE the safe space: be Inclusive, Non-hierarchical, ask Consent in close contacts, be Respectful, Express your limits, Accept others’ limits, Support individuals asking help, and Expect us to maintain this policy. Of course, the venue is wheelchair accessible, although toilets may be difficult to access.

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Later Event: May 4