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An anniversary of noise-making activities brings all the chaos you love and that we’ve built our name on!

Entry: £5


Cleaninglady (AUS) – Live improv DIY Modular synth and noise sax

sws – Structured disintegration of sound for voice and modular synth

FROST – The sound of one hand playing; hyperactive beat music using just a drum kit and sampler

Daniel Baker – Soaring guitar driven ambience

Badoos – Sweet electronic samples and synths meets acoustic instrumentation to bounce and chill to

Sam Enthoven – Theremin, found sounds and analogue improv

Psychiceyeclix – Live symbiosis of audio & visuals, using DIT and circuit-bent equipment, quick moving glitched patterns & light sensors

ore to be announced!

Also, check out the Noizemaschin!! website: for more information on our international network of experimental music making!